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Volkswagen of South Africa donates vehicles for technical training
Publish Date : 24/08/2005 19:29:00   Source : VWSA

Volkswagen of South Africa has donated 16 un-saleable vehicles to local schools and colleges for technical training and skills development purposes.


Thirteen Eastern Cape based learning institutions offering technical education in the automotive field, will make use of the left hand drive Golfs in their technical training workshops.


Volkswagen of South Africa spokesman Bill Stephens explained: "The 16 vehicles are legally not allowed to be driven on South African roads. Rather than strip them and recycle the parts, Volkswagen of South Africa decided that pupils and students will benefit from studying the advanced technology used in the cars in their prescribed technical courses. The technology in the vehicles ranges from 1.4 petrol engines to 1.9 TDI and 2-litre FSI specification.


"The institutions have been chosen because they are comprehensive schools and colleges which offer technical education in the automotive field.  As most of their technical graduates are destined to pursue further qualifications in the artisan field, access to the vehicles would increase their skills and understanding of state-of-the-art technology in the motor manufacturing and service industry," he added.


The donation of the 16 vehicles is linked to the skills development unit of the Uitenhage/Despatch Development Initiative. 


Mr Stephens elaborated: "The Uitenhage/Despatch Development Initiative is a facilitating body that has been established to promote sustainable development in the region. The UDDI seeks to harvest the immense potential of the region by focusing on specific areas of development - in particular the development of technical skills.  Hence the donation of these cars to selected institutions."


The institutions which received vehicles today (August 24) are:



McCarthy Comprehensive

Daniel Pienaar


Otto Du Plessis

Newton Technical High School

Bethelsdorp Comprehensive

Itembelihle Comprehensive


Adelaide Gymnasium



East Cape Midlands College

PE College






On hearing of the donation, Headmaster Justin Marupen of McCarthy Comprehensive School in Uitenhage, said: "As a recipient of one of the Golfs, our school and learners will definitely benefit by being exposed to the latest technology in the design and manufacturing of new vehicles and will be motivated for further studies in engineering and new technology in the motoring industry."


"It is also important to note that this gesture by Volkswagen of South Africa is an indication that the company is committed to plough back into the community," Mr Marupen added.

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